Kathputli Colony, New Delhi. India
Kathputli Colony, New Delhi. India
Stuck between the metro and railways lines, Kathputli is a slum located in the heart of Delhi, just a few miles away from Connaught Place and its fancy shops, bars and restaurants.
The slum is populated with Hindu, Muslim and sikh communities from different states of India, such as Bihar, Uttar-Pradesh, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Punjab and Andhra-Pradesh. The Rajasthani community has ...a great number of puppeteer artists (the word "kathputli" meaning "puppet" in Hindi), some of whom have performed in Europe and continue to show their art to tourists in Delhi hotels. All came here decades ago and Kathputli has been their home ever since.
At the time of our visit, the people of Kathputli had been told that they would have to leave their homes, although noone knew exactly when that would happen nor where they would have to go. Plans of building a shopping mall were heard of, but information was vague and confused.
Kathputli is one the may examples of massive people's evictions that take place in differents parts of India, in the name of progress.

New Delhi, 2010